no place like home

I was out to day, and for the first time I used the wife for capuring the shred. Just outside the hous. I have ben shoveling snow in the wood for the spring park. there is no actual plan for the design, just lots of snow, to ensure a long season.

Untitled from thomlenning on Vimeo.

Postat av: anders

Hey man, that looks crazy fun! Can for sure see that there´s a great deal of shoveling thats been done. Good work!

2010-03-07 @ 18:05:46
Postat av: Björn

Dendu! Inte att leka med. Ser fram mot vårsession i skogen med linbanefollow.

2010-03-07 @ 18:36:29
Postat av: Sam

The wife is also not to be trifled with. But a great use. She should make a trifle that you can eat after the shred. Läcker.

2010-03-09 @ 02:46:38
Postat av: thomas

grate comment! and true.

2010-03-09 @ 20:48:21
Postat av: Claes

Ser riktigt fint ut!!! Ser fram emot lite regnad-på-snö i Kläppen om några dagar.

2010-03-19 @ 12:34:27

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